Do you have access to all documents in your company?

It is understood that you are responsible for all documents leaving your company! It goes without saying that some of these documents are highly confidential and need to be encrypted by your employees!

But what happens if your employee leaves the company for good and takes the companies smart card? Or, the smart card is destroyed by accident? How will you gain access to encrypted documents?

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • "data recovery" - each document is additionally encrypted with a "general key"(this has to be supported by the application)
  • "key recovery" - there is a second copy of each key issued (for encryption only not for digital signature)

Because only few applications support "data recovery" and the "general key" also poses a "general risk", the best alternative is "key recovery". A system in which all the necessary key copies are kept is called " key archive".

SyTrust TokenControl is such a "key archive"!
Direct access to key copies can be sifted very fine due to the possibility of multifaceted authentication options. You are able to implement a process, where you define who is allowed access when to a key copy.

The actual access is as comfortable as you are used to when you use TokenControl Technology. Namely through simulation of a smart card at your work place. This means you can access coded data by using your current application.

security simply works.

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