How long have you already been using certificates ?

You must know that certificates do expire! Due to security reasons certificates are only valid for a certain amount of time. After their expiration a new certificate will be issued.
What consequences does this have for your old encrypted data?

These data have to be decrypted with the old key and encrypted with a new generated key. This is also necessary for data on disks, CD ROMs and backup tapes. 
This is to much of an effort to you?

Well, then you have to keep your old smart card! You can't remember the old PIN for years? You don't want to keep 5 smart cards with you?  

SyTrust TokenControl can help you!
Your old encryption keys are saved on a central TokenControl Server (at the same time this could be a key-archive).

Authenticated with your actual smart card you are now able to simulate your old smart card. You are now able, no matter which application you are using, to read your old encrypted data as if you were using you old smart card.
We call it:

 security simply works.

  ValidationWorks!: Online certificate validation (OCSP) for Microsoft Windows. Secure your work place. Instant download and online shopping available!, a free service powered by SyTrust CertControl technology is nominated for the German Internet Award 2003.   
CertControl: free version of the OCSP Responder available for download  
  BrowserCheck: Does your browser validate the certificates it uses?