Application integration of certificates

You are using self made applications and you don't know how to integrate the certificates? If you have a problem with standard applications, please read here about interoperability.

There are several toolkits and libraries for processing certificates on the market. You can choose between open source (OpenSSL) or Microsoft  Windows CryptoAPI up to a variety of professional toolkits developed by security specialised software companies like (Baltimore, RSA). 

The technical and very complex procedure of certificate processing is very difficult due to the mutiple settings which may be selcted. Because of this,  the complexity of your application increases. In addition to this the choice of the parameter is subject to a short term security fluctuation ( basic example: necessary key-length). Your application will be confronted with major difficulties in the field of security technology. in particular the complex verification of signed data resp.certificates (certificate validation).

In order to solve the problems occuring and to simplify the application development you just have to outsource the tasks in a network to a special designed server. These so called validationserver resp. "Validation Authorities" solve the above mentioned problems. They are the central point for different applications and will give you an answer to the question: "Is this certificate trustworthy or not?"

Find out how you can solve your problems by using SyTrust CertControl and the appendant validation library.

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  ValidationWorks!: Online certificate validation (OCSP) for Microsoft Windows. Secure your work place. Instant download and online shopping available!, a free service powered by SyTrust CertControl technology is nominated for the German Internet Award 2003.   
CertControl: free version of the OCSP Responder available for download  
  BrowserCheck: Does your browser validate the certificates it uses?