interoperability of certificates

Your applications are not able to verify a certificate coming from a business partner? Your business partner is not able to check your certificates?

In many cases interoperability of certificates is still a problem.
Each application, wanting to process a certificate, needs to undergo certain checks. These technical extensive checks are dealt with in different manners by each application - due to this security risks and interoperabilty problems emerge.

Not only the different realisation of verification poses difficulties - in order to be able to perform these inquiries certain information is necessary.

You have to define the information which PKI you would like to rely on ( trustworthy certification authorities also described  as  root certificate or trust anchor) as well as the information of which certificates out of which current PKI are revoked 
( certificate-validation). This information changes constantely and for security reasons there has to be a permanent update - ongoing spreading of information has to take place.  

In order to solve the problems occuring and to simplify the application development you just have to outsource the tasks in a network to a special designed server. These so called validationserver resp. "Validation Authorities" solve the above mentioned problems. They are the central point for different applications and will give you an answer to the question: 

"Is this certificate trustworthy or not?"

How to solve your problems with the most flexible validationserver SyTrust CertControl  on the market, please chose the key-word "architecture". By using CertControl you can solve most of your problems with a multiplicity of applications. 
Always abiding by our slogan:

security simply works. 

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