roll out requirements of smart cards

Eventhough top qualitity smart cards offer the highest available protection for private keys, there are still disadvantages when you use smart cards:

  • high costs for a smart card and a smart card reader
  • complex and therfore expensive installation/rollout costs 
  • silmutaneous installation/rollout of hard- and software is necessary

Because companies would like a unity in the workplaces and do not want to jeopardise the installed software, they unnecessarily decide against smart cards.

SyTrust TokenControl does solve this problem. Because TokenControl simulates a smart card in your processor a smooth transition to a smart card hardware can be instated.

 A sample case study: 

Step 1: All computers are provided with the TokenControl software. Consequently each user has a software smart card (softtoken) at his disposal which simulates a proper smart card. All applications will be configured for the use of a smart card.

Step 2: Management workplaces are equiped with smart card readers. As long as there is no smart card in the reader the soft token will be in operation and active. One by one all managers are issued with smart cards - as soon as the smart card is inserted the soft token will be disabled. None of the applications do have to be reconfigured.

Step 3: Bit by bit, within the course of computer replacement, each PC with an integrated smart card reader will be rolled out. In the same manner each user will be issued with a smart card. Does an employee have both on-hand he can continue his work without any problems.

Step 4: Each workstation is now equipped with a smart card reader and every employee has been issued with a smart card. Now the SyTrust TokenControl technologie will be used whenever an employee lost or damaged his smart card resp. 
in order to access old encrypted documents.

security simply works.

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