You need a smart card substitute "quickly"!

How often was it the case that a smart card was broken? How many times have you lost a smart card? How many times did you forget your smart card at home?

Smart cards are not indistructable? At the contrary, the plastic which a smart card is made of only has a limited life cycle. Employees do forget their cards at home, or they lose them. What should you do, if any of the above mentioned cases do happen?

The more applications your PKI uses, the lesser an employee will be able to work without his smart card. The more  important it becomes to be able to issue the employee with a replacement smart card.

Sytrust TokenControl
has a very good solution to this problem.
Just install a TokenControl Client on all workstations. If the user has been issued with a software-substitute smart card the client will simulate a smart card at the work station. This will be simulated as long as there is no smart card in the reader.
Due to the "key archive" ability of SyTrust TokenControl, the employee even gets access to his encrypted documents. For the digitial signature he will be issued with a short term certificate.

Your hotline is now able to issue you scatterbrained employee with a short term certificate.
Your Card issueing department or employee may issue a bypass smart card.
All this without your applications noticing the changes.
SyTrust TokenControl - always abiding by our slogan:

security simply works!

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