system architecture

The architecture of the TokenControl consists of different functional modules with exact specified interfaces. This guarantees a powerful and error-free system.

  • Apache server
    TokenControl is designed around the worlds preferred web server Apache. Being based on this state-of-the-art server platform, TokenControl is able to profit from all the benefits of the Apache technology. An integrated authentication module supports all relevant authentication methods required in a secure environment.
  • PHP web interface
    The web interface is based on the php script language. TokenControl extends the php language by token specific commands. This allows a customized user interface without changes in other modules and therefore a very stable runtime environment.
  • application logic
    The application logic implements the high level functions used for user, token and policy management.
  • cryptographic module
    The cryptographic abstraction layer provides cryptographic functionality (encryption, signing) for all kind of data processed by the TokenControl. It provides the integration of HSM modules to speed up time consuming operations.
  • storage module
    All data (user token, recovery tokens, ...) is managed by the storage module. This makes it possible to use different locations for storing like file systems, databases or LDAP.
  • log module
    TokenControl offers a highly sophisticated log mechanism. All kinds of operations can be logged with different detail levels. In addition log information can be signed and stored on different locations like file systems, databases and LDAP.
  • operating system
    TokenControl is available for the following platforms: Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/2000.
  • configuration module
    Configuration is handled by a separate module including user, group, policy and system configuration data. It provides file systems, databases and LDAP for storing the configuration data.
  • authentication server
    TokenControl includes an authentication service providing the RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication protocol.

Token Control - Systemarchitecture

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