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The use of SmartCards despite being highly secure faces two main problems:
  • compatibility and usability issues especially when using multiple SmartCards
  • installation of additional hardware equipment for each client (reader) becomes necessary

This makes any SmartCard rollout difficult, and therefore the use of SmartCards is made even more expensive.
TokenControl provides a secure alternative to SmartCards utilizing Software-Tokens (based on encrypted PKCS#12 files) while simulating a SmartCard on the client. TokenControl ensures an easy interoperability with any SmartCard-based environment. Thus TokenContol is either the ideal add-on for any SmartCard-based system or a good step on the way towards such a system.

Taking into account the additional functionality of TokenControl, it provides - from various points of view - an even higher level of security than SmardCards combined with its great advantages regarding manageability, roll-out and cost-efficiency.


  • web based administration
  • highly sophisticated policy management
  • key archive and key history solution
  • token recovery 
  • scalability
  • high availability 
  • user authentication (certificate, SPEKE, password)
  • client support (PKCS#11, PC/SC, third party middleware like Celocom or ActiveCard)
  • available as software solution for Solaris/Linux and Windows
  • available as standalone hardware module
  • multiple token storages an a single host
  • authentication server

Download TokenControl product sheet.

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